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About Me and livelifelikeanocean

Hi, I am Sandra 

and I'm glad that you want to go on a journey to live a life that feels joyful, peaceful and full of hope, passion, adventure and freedom because that is what the ocean helps us to live and explore.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why this community is so dear to my heart:

My passion for the ocean is so deeply connected with my life because:

The ocean is a healer that helped me overcome my autoimmune disease and burnout, that helped me to find comfort and strength in difficult times and to find joy and happiness in my life again.

The ocean is a teacher that taught me to leave my comfort zone, to challenge myself, to be more courageous and self-confident but the most important thing I've learned is having the courage and confidence to live an authentic life and to follow my dreams. 

The ocean is an inspiration that ignited the courage for expressing myself, my passion for writing and photography. I hope that I can inspire and help others to do the same. I hope that I can inspire you to enter a life that is in harmony with your heart and expresses your true self in an unique and creative way.

The ocean is freedom. To become free from limiting beliefs, feeling overwhelmed and depressed was a big driver for me to change and create a life in alignment with my heart. Whenever I'm swimming in the ocean, surfing and sailing I get this feeling of freedom, of aliveness and pure joy. To create this feeling within is what keeps me going and I would love that you can experience this in your life, too.

The ocean helps you with finding joy and freedom in the present moment, to always come back to it, especially when you are going through a tough time.

The ocean is connection. The love for the ocean brings people together through time by the ocean, through activities in the water and also through actions to protect this beautiful, blue space. As an introvert and a highly sensitive person it was always difficult for me to connect to people. But through the ocean and the passion for it, I learned and could connect with wonderful people. And whenever there's a feeling of loneliness these connections, to the ocean and to the community of heartfelt people, I feel I belong and am supported.

This sense of community and connection I would love to give back and share with you.

The ocean is an adventure. The ocean makes you feel alive and excited again, it encourages you to develop skills that make you become an explorer, that make you go on a journey to the other shore. This journey to new adventures can evoke fears but in a community you will get the support to overcome them and find the courage to go on the adventure of your life.

I attempted to swim the English Channel in September 2020 and that brought me definitely out of my comfort zone but it was also one of the biggest adventure of my life. So many insights and experiences are gained, when you leave your comfort zone. It's the joy of being on this beautiful planet and feeling excited and alive.

This swim in the ocean is still a dream and so I'll take on this adventure in 2024 again. In this community I would love to support you to dream big and follow your heart, to go on your adventure of life.

A journey with the tides


Why you should join the community

This community is all about creating a space where you can be inspired by the ocean, where you can be part of a community, where you are encouraged to follow your dreams, to lead an authentic life, where you will find the confidence to be yourself and where you get help to change your life so that you feel excited, free, alive, adventurous and fulfilled again. 

I would like to create a space in which you can feel that you are part of a heartfelt community and the loving energy of the ocean.

This community is about a journey with the tides, with the seasons and cycles of life, of how we can navigate through storms in a resilient way and how we can make our heart the compass, the lighthouse that creates a life that feels joyful, peaceful, connected and free.

'A journey with the tides' will be one year in the community where you get inspiration, exercises, videos and workbooks to help you creating a life from the heart. You will become support in the group when you feel stuck and need encouragement or heartfelt people who you can connect with.

Every month has a special theme that is close to the season we are in, it's getting into connection to the tides and flow of nature.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in the community, of becoming a part of the community of ocean lovers and dream chasers.

A big Thanks

Your support will allow me to grow this community, to create content that will help and inspire, to create a space in which we can all grow and evolve  together, a space in which I can help you change your life, to be more confident and where you will find the courage and heartfelt connection and support to follow your dreams.